Professionalism- all Gsap employees have occupied key roles in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries in Israel. Since the foundation of the company, the team has gained experience from few hundreds professional projects in the industry. We wish our employees and clients to develop so they will become specialized in their roles and proficient in their field, with extensive knowledge and understanding, working skills and an integrative view.

Cooperation- we aspire to share amongst our colleagues professional and administrative tasks while creating friendship, interest and collaboration. Based on our experience, we know how difficult it is to manage in a large organization or a small start-up. We, therefore, aspire to provide clients with confidence in their work and to empower their positions within their organizations.

Responsibility- we guarantee and are obligated to the solutions we offer. We use responsible and ethical considerations in our decision making processes, in order to ensure patient safety and the success of the client.

Enthusiasm- we like our work and care a lot about its outcomes. We foster this in the clients’ managers and employees by generating interest, curiosity and excitement in the joy of creation.

Management- we help our client to manage the whole process from R&D to market or to improve his quality system after marketing authorization. We create a focused plan, promote activities and verify their execution in the fastest possible way.

Integrative Impact- merging all our values (professionalism, cooperation, responsibility, management and enthusiasm) together with our rich experience in multiple professional domains, enables Gsap to have a multifaceted impact, which assures that clients will meet their goals.

Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other
John F. Kennedy
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