Gil Shapira, ICQE, B.A.

VP Pharmaceutical Quality

A Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), graduate of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel and BA from Haifa University.

Mr. Shapira has over than 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Gil has specialized in founding and managing quality systems in the APIs industry, conducting internal audits and validations of utilities, equipment and procedures. He has gained experience at Given Imaging and at Taro, with many audits by various authorities.

At Gsap, Gil serves as the Pharma Section Manager.

In the last couple of years, Gil has led with great success many projects combining construction and upgrade of quality systems, quality and validation of utilities, equipment and procedures for approval by the Ministry of Health and achieved the clients’ predefined goals.

At Gsap Gil led Projects for the following companies: Yam Hamelah, Rafa, Intec Pharma, BI Industries, Unipharm, Curetech, Perigo, Pluristem, Foamix, Taro, Equashield, Maayan-Haim , Dr. Fischer, Medimor and BOL.