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Mar 24, 2021

By Adi Azulay, B.Sc., ICQE & Einat Dekel, D.V.M.

Pre Clinical

Location: Online

Starts at: 10:30

Duration: 01:30 Hours

Language: Hebrew

Come and meet our professional team for Pre-Clinical Studies in the Medical Device Arena!

The webinar topics are:

  • Pre-clinical studies in light of medical device regulation - Dr. Einat Dekel
  • The relationship between biocompatibility and preclinical studies (as part of the V&V activities)- Adi Azulay
  • Common mistakes in pre-clinical studies- Dr. Yariv Siman-Tov
  • The contribution of a Toxicological Pathologist to the Regulated Pre-Clinical Studies of Medical Device- Dr. Abraham Nyska

You are most welcome to prepare any question you have on the above topics in advance.
Your presubmitted questions will be answered during the Q&A section.

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  • About Adi Azulay, B.Sc., ICQE

    Adi has 6 years experience consulting for and supporting start-up companies in the field of medical devices.She established quality management systems that meet the requirements of ISO13485, ISO9001, MDR and 21 CFR 820 and supported their maintenance. She has experience in trainings for QMS, Technical Writing and Quality culture.In addition, Adi established in regulatory submissions to the European authorities, according...
  • About Einat Dekel, D.V.M.


The Webinar is intended for the Medical Device community.

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