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Mar 24, 2021

By Adi Azulay, B.Sc., ICQE & Einat Dekel, D.V.M.

Pre Clinical

Location: Online

Starts at: 10:30

Duration: 01:30 Hours

Language: Hebrew

Come and meet our professional team for Pre-Clinical Studies in the Medical Device Arena!

The webinar topics are:

  • Pre-clinical studies in light of medical device regulation - Dr. Einat Dekel
  • The relationship between biocompatibility and preclinical studies (as part of the V&V activities)- Adi Azulay
  • Common mistakes in pre-clinical studies- Dr. Yariv Siman-Tov
  • The contribution of a Toxicological Pathologist to the Regulated Pre-Clinical Studies of Medical Device- Dr. Abraham Nyska

You are most welcome to prepare any question you have on the above topics in advance.
Your presubmitted questions will be answered during the Q&A section.

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The Webinar is intended for the Medical Device community.

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