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Gsap is the leading consulting firm in Israel for providing professional services to pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and cell therapy companies. The Company aspires to enhance the development and maturation of Israeli pharmaceutical and medical device companies and to empower their employees to achieve significant resolutions for patients worldwide.

Gsap was founded by Sigalit Ariely-Portnoy, PhD, in 2009. It provides regulatory, clinical, quality and validation services. Gsap leads small, medium and complex large projects, which require integration of different professions, e.g. development, regulatory affairs, clinical studies, quality, laboratory, production, engineering and validation. Over the years, Gsap has developed methodologies to combine many departments and disciplines in the implementation process of quality while creating significant cooperation experience for all participants in the process: employees and managers in production plants, start-ups, contractors, suppliers and consultants.

Gsap’s staff has broad education and many years of experience in the relevant industries, which enables taking extensive responsibility for the services provided to clients and their outcomes, creating cooperative work and achieving integrative impact. In each of the projects, the staff members lead complex decisions and bring their personal experience and the benchmark customary in the industry, as well as the most advanced methodologies, to enhance the achievement of the companies’ goals. Gsap leads companies to significant effective progress in every step of the process (from development to marketing) in an extent and scope of involvement that suits their leading personnel.

Since 2009, Gsap has served hundreds of clients, from start-up to large international companies.

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