Zvi Blau, Practical Engineer

Engineering and Validation Project Coordinator

Blau Zvi holds a Biotechnology Practical diploma from "Braude" College, Karmiel.

Zvi is currently continuing to study towards a B.Sc Engineering Degree at the Department of Biotechnology Engineering in Braude, Karmiel.

Zvi has over two years of experience in the medical device industry mainly in Philips Medical.

At the current project at Philips, Zvi gained experience in manufacturing processes, writing and performing validation protocols & reports, technical files for Facility Equipment & Utilities Qualification with emphasis on environmental critical and non-critical systems for production.

Zvi also was in charge of performing thermal studies and qualification for controlled environments through temperature & humidity mapping validation.

During his work in Gsap Zvi was involved in various projects at companies such as Philips Medical Israel, SE Pharma Services, Periclase (Dead Sea).

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