Brenda Toledano, M.Sc

QA Pharma Project Manager & Microbiology Expert

Brenda holds a B.Sc. in Biotechnology Engineering from the College of Engineering, Ort Braude, and an M.Sc from the Hebrew University in Environmental Quality and Natural Resources in Agriculture.

Brenda has a 8 years of experience in a biotechnology company with extensive knowledge in validation, regulation, production processes, experimental design and development of microbiological methods for the medical device industry, Pharma and Cell Therapy.

As part of her previous position, she was the head of validation section, and led new authority accreditations to microbial, physical and biochemical methods in the microbial service laboratory and was involved in establishing a new validation laboratory.

In Gsap Brenda currently leads the Mileutis project, to establish a new quality assurance system

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