Mado Otzri, M.A

Sales and Marketing Manager – Medical Devices Section

Mado Otzri holds M.A in Quality Assurance from Haifa University. Mado has over 12 years of experience in quality management in cross functional organizations in various fields such as QA infrastructure, supplier quality, calibration, training, PMS etc. Mado has led QA activities in various industries and systems, providing QA support and leadership for ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, AS 9100.


Before Joining Gsap Mado worked for: Motus GI as QA Director, Philips as SQE and as PMS assistance, Given Imaging as QA infrastructure manager, Flextronics as QA infrastructure manager and QCC as Quality Manager.

In her previous roles Mado used her positions to define, develop and implement quality culture across relevant functions, in compliance to company procedures and applicable international standards.


Mado’s experience includes internal and external audits, leading and coordinating audits and audit outcomes, supplier quality aspects – from supplier evaluations to supplier monitoring and management, implementing corrective action plans such as CAPA system, trainings and certifications, in-process and final quality inspection, management of measuring devices, configuration management - engineering changes in products and process, handling customer complaints, analyzing failures, managing customer satisfaction surveys and customer feedback.


In Gsap Mado is a QA&RA Medical Device Project Manager. Leading QA in Dir technologies and ApiFix.

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