Aharon Pinhasov, Practical Engineer

Engineering & Validation Project Manager

Aharon holds an Electric Practical diploma from "AMAL" College, Naharia. Currently Aharon is a student in Electric engineering at the Academic College for Engineering, Jerusalem. In addition Aharon finished a PMO studies from the Technion.

Aharon has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry including projects design, validation and management. Before joining Gsap, Aharon worked for Teva Pharmaceutical industries.

Aharon's last position at Teva included:

- Implementation of production lines from the design stage through planning, installation, creation and performance of validation protocols, tasking manufacturers abroad, managing a budget, monitoring, training and pushing to meet goals until handover. 

- Leading maintenance processes, upgrading and integrating new equipment in GMP production lines.

- Qualification of existing and new systems and equipment.

- Documentation of the Engineering knowledge and authoring technical specifications, validation, fault and manufacturing failures analysis, engineering support and problem solving.

- Able to initiate and promote processes, have a system wide perspective, high technical abilities, thoroughness, service awareness and excellent human relations. 

Since he joined Gsap, Aharon led projects in the following companies: VBL, Intec Pharma, UNV-Medicine and Cannasure.

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