Einat Dekel, DVM

QA & RA Medical Device Project Manager

Einat has an extensive experience in managing all aspects of medical device/drug development including pre-clinical and clinical trials in all stages of development, as well as, development and implementation of regulatory strategies, strategic thinking as for new therapeutic areas, assessment of safety concerns and risk analysis.

Prior to joining Gsap, Einat held a project management position at Teva and later on higher management positions at Sanofi and Protalix leading the medical, scientific and operational activities including business development interactions.

During her professional path Einat also gained experience in the Medical Device field leading the clinical development and regulatory activities in a Medical Device startup company.

 Einat has high abilities in combining the quality assurance requirements with the regulatory requirements to tailor the pathway per each client specific needs.

During her work in Gsap Einat participated in Projects in the following companies: ApiFix and Syqe Medical.

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