Ossie Milanov, BA

QA & RA Medical Device Project Manager

Ossie has over ten years experience in the Medical Device Industry.  She has vast experience in developing, implementing and maintaining a QMS from the development stages of a Start-Up company up to mass production and sales.  She has regulatory experience with the MDD, FDA and the WHO.

Prior to joining Gsap, Ossie worked for a number of Medical Device companies.  Her activities included establishing the QMS, regulatory submissions, move from design to production, validating production lines, supplier control and internal/external audits.  

Ossie is excellent at translating the technical into regulatory language understood by any auditor.  Her approach to developing a QMS begins with the processes and the links between them.  

Since she joined Gsap she led projects with the following companies: Valtech, Silenseed, ApiFix, Precise-Bio, G&G and G.R Dome.

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