Meshi Bar, M.Sc

Quality Project coordinator

Meshi Bar holds a B.Sc. in marine biology from Ruppin Academic Center and a M.Sc. in agroecology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Meshi has five years of experience in the pharmaceutical (Dexcel Pharma) and medical device (Biological Industries) industry of leading quality processes in production, operations and clean room departments (Change management, CAPA, procedures, Deviation and investigations, equipment and computerized systems validation) and characterization, validation and implementation of QMS software. 

In her position at Gsap she integrated pharmaceutical quality system and medical device quality system in a combination product company in the following companies: UroGen Pharma and Teva. In addition she has taken part in writing and performing process validation of cannabis drug products for the following companies: Medimor and BOL.

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