Marina Lebel, B.Sc, CQE

Medical Device Section Manager

Marina Lebel holds B.Sc in Chemical engineering from the Technion in Haifa and a CQE certification from the American Society for Quality ASQ. Marina has over 20 years of experience in quality management, quality lectures, and quality consultancy in various industrial fields, including Aerospace, Military, Medical devices, and Testing Laboratories. Marina led and managed the establishment of quality infrastructures and systems based on ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, AS 9100.

Before Joining Gsap Marina worked for: Mivdeket Hagalil LTD., ALD, ISRAC, SCD and Philips. Marina acted in different roles in those industries, such as: Development project quality engineer, Quality director and Management member.

Marina is an expert in developing and assimilating quality culture across the organization, establishing quality plans, and leading, and managing audits for certification of international standards.

Her vast experience has included training and certification, quality management in purchasing including FAI, quality management in development, transfer from development to production, in-process and final quality inspection, management of measuring devices, configuration management, management of engineering changes in products and process, management of interfaces with the customers including handling of customer complaints, handling returned products RMA, analyzing failures, and implementing corrective action plans such as FRACAS and CAPA systems, managing quality requirements in RFQs and in customer orders, managing customer satisfaction surveys and customer feedback.

In Gsap Marina is the  Medical device section manager .

Projects in Gsap: Critical to quality cascading (CTQ, CQA), Quality System Audits – ISO 13485, Training: Acceptance Sampling Inspection, Training: Metrology and Calibrations.

During her work in Gsap Marina lead Projects in the following companies: Biosense Webster, SciVac, Ivory Graft, Datum Dental, Rafa, Periclas, CME, PCB.

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