Gideon Fischler, BA

Quality Project Manager

Gideon Fischler holds a Multidisciplinary BA degree in Industrial Management, Society & Communications from Max Stern Israel Valley College, A Practical Engineer in Mechanical Engineering from Ort Bialik College, graduate of Academic Retraining Course of DB programming from John-Bryce College, ISO13485 auditing certified, and MDaS software validation from Bioforum.

An experienced documentation and configuration controller, NPI leader and QA Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in relevant roles within communication and Medical Device Companies.

Proven track record in leading engineering aspects in a product’s life cycle including ECO processes.

Experienced with NPI processes including training of turnkey vendors.

Proven experience in assimilating QMS system ("Grand Avenue"), writing QMS procedures and their execution, process tracking and control.

On his position at Gsap, Gideon was involved in remediation, improvement, establishing and compliance programs of quality management systems (21CFR820, ISO13485) in medical device companies, and lead a successful Credibility & Data integrity process of reports with Japan in Biosense-Webster.

During his work in Gsap Gideon lead Projects in the following companies: Philips, MedyMatch, ValTech and Biosense Webster.

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