Lior Ariely, MBA

Human Resources Manager

Lior Ariely holds an MBA from the University of Haifa specializing in Human Resources and a BA degree in Social Sciences & Human Resource Management from Bar Ilan University. 
Before Lior Joined Gsap she served as an officer in the Navy in command posts, going directly from the army to her role at Gsap. 
Professional Milestones:

  • 2014 Management and training as a Division Commander at the "Tzur-Yam" naval technical school, Haifa Base.
  • 2012 Deputy Commanding Officer for the IDF Officers Course, ongoing management of the course, management and monitoring of:  mentoring, control and feedback processes, training, including guidance and mentoring of 4 team commanders and cadet training in general. Building study programs and teaching training courses.
  • 2009 Instructor at a boarding school for youth at risk during a year of voluntary service.

Today, Lior manages Gsap's human resources unit and its subsidiaries. The Human Resources Department handles the most valuable asset of a knowledge and experience-based company, that is it's human resources. Lior is directly responsible for initial selection and recruitment, entry into the position, training and mentoring, employee benefits, settlement and employee evaluation. Lior accompanies organizational processes and prepares organizational changes in accordance with the policy outlined by the company's CEO and in light of the company's values: Gsap policy statement and key word assimilation, construction of work interfaces, reporting, updating, management development, professional, personal training programs and more.

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