Rivka Goldik, D.Sc

Laboratory Project Manager

A DSc graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Technion and BSc in education of chemistry  at the Faculty of Education in Science and Technology at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.

During her studies she was also involved in laboratory training and teaching analytic chemistry.
Dr. Goldik has started her route in the pharmaceutical industry on 1996 and has served in a variety of roles in laboratories of raw materials and finish goods, including management of an analytical laboratory in Medibrands Ltd (Yokneam, Israel) and of a finish goods laboratory in Taro Israel.

As of 2006, Dr. Goldik is focused on training and certification of employees to work in quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry. Within the scope of her current position at Gsap, Rivka is leading laboratories in implementing the GMP Guidelines and in receiving approvals by the Israeli MoH and other regulatory Authorities. As part of Gsap ‘s expertise in Analytical Chemistry, Dr. Goldik is leading different issues related to this domain in the laboratory. Due to her vast experience, she is conducting quality audits in laboratories and also instructs laboratory workers to conduct tests – theoretically and on-the-job training.
During her work in Gsap Rivka lead Projects in the following companies: Foamix, Rafa, Yam- Hamelah, Periclas, Ploristem, Amorphical, Macrocure, Curetech, Perrigo, CHS, Intec Pharma, Omnix, Cellcure, BTG, Medimore, Azura,Dr Fischer, BOL , Cannosoul and  Teva.

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