Sigal Molgan, M.Sc

Regulatory Project Manager

Sigal Molgan has a B.Sc in Plant Sciences from The Hebrew University and M.Sc in Biotechnology from Tel Aviv University.


Sigal have a vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Sigal has worked in different roles within Teva pharmaceutical industry for the last 20 years.

Sigal managed teams and lead the regulatory section for USA market to successful submissions and launches of many projects. Sigal has a massive knowledge in dossier preparation and has proficiency of the health authorities’ regulatory requirements (FDA, EMEA, TPD IMOH). Sigal has worked with variety of dosage forms and rout of administrations.

Sigal is highly capable of writing scientific regulatory documents.

In addition, Sigal has worked on improving work processes and promoting knowledge within the facilities by having tutorials

to the company’s employees. The work that was done was always in global environment and tight schedules.

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